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EVENT PREVIEW: Gov’t Mule 20 Years Strong Tour has 4 for Florida

govt mule

Do you like Southern Rock? Do you like amazing guitar playing? Do you like beer or whiskey?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I suggest you buy a ticket for the Gov’t Mule tour right now. Professional badass and guitarist Warren Haynes is frontman for the band (and for Allman Brothers) and will be marching the crew through Florida in the beginning of October on the band’s 20 Years Strong Fall Tour. They are coming all the way down to Miami and stopping at The Fillmore Miami Beach. It’s interesting to think about serious Southern Rock in South Florida but I’m excited to see all the Mule fans come out of the woodworks for a good ol’ southern party.

govt mule tour

Watch Gov’t Mule perform “Soulshine” live:


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