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EVENT PREVIEW: iii Points Festival – 5 Artists You Need To Know

 Who’s ready for three days of awesome electronic music in Wynwood Miami? iii Points is right around the corner and since the majority of the music could be considered “underground” it’s likely you haven’t heard of all the artist and may be a little overwhelmed. We are gonna break down 5 artists you definitely need to know about before stepping in the building on October 10th (Or whichever of the 3 days you may be attending). There are obviously way more than 5 great artist on the lineup but these are the ones were looking forward to the most and want to highlight.

1. Flying Lotus First and foremost, Flying Lotus, aka Flylo is considered a musical genius to some and is considered a crazy skitzo musician to others. Flylo has a deep rooted background in Jazz and hold’s an alter ego hip hop artist known as “Captain Murphy”. Whether or not you love this guys music you have to appreciate his standpoint and passion as a musician. Watch this RedBull video about his 3 Layer lighting setup. Flylo likes to keep some magic in his music. You can expect to hear hip hop, downtempo beats, trap, acid jazz, and things you would never expect. Last time I saw Flying Lotus live Andre 3000 was chillen backstage. If 3 stacks respects the dude then you know he’s doing something right!

2. Hot Natured [US Debut] Live electronic music is something I have a lot of respect for. I have a lot of respect for DJs but something about watching a band captivates me much more. I’ve heard about Hot Natured here and there in the past but never done much research until now. I had no idea that Jamie Jones was part of the band. Not only will you be able to enjoy a Jamie Jones set at iii Points, you will get to enjoy the band he is in perform live with a sexy vocalist. According to the lineup flyer it will be the first time in the US also. Watch this live video and try to pretend like it’s something you don’t want to witness for yourself.

3. Hercules & Love Affair (Live) My buddy played me a song from these guys about 4 years ago as a joke at a party but I thought it was pretty funky so downloaded it the next day and have kept it in my itunes ever since. Hercules & Love Affair will be another one of the live electronic acts at iii Points. I haven’t heard much about the live show but assume it incorporates some instruments and live vocals. I saw some trumpets in one of the videos I looked up so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some brass instruments. Take a listen to what I would consider the most popular song from this group, “Blind”.

4. Chet Faker Australia has been churning out amazing electronic producers in the past couple years. Flume and Chet Faker are at the forefront of the Aussie musical movement in my opinion. Between his own productions and his collabs with other artists such as Flume, I’m excited to see what Chet spins for us in the art district of Miami. Something about the Australian sound just makes you want to do the sexiest dance moves. Chet Faker’s latest song is labeled “#sex” on soundcloud for example. Check out the song below.

5. Kaytranada Kaytranada is one of those artist not afraid to dabble in other genres when producing. Hip hop and funky deep house style productions are his forte. He just toured with Skrillex so he’s probably played around with some heavier productions too. His music genre according to his facebook is “Hippy Hop, Stuff that’ll make you dance, Stuff that’ll makes you do moshpits, stuff that makes you wanna have sex with and neckbraking beats.” I’m sure he has some interesting music influences and his shows are supposedly “live” so I’m excited to see what that includes. Watch one of his music videos below and get a good chuckle while a skinny black dude kicks it with three super jacked white chicks.

Bonus Tune: Chet Faker song remixed by Kaytranada


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