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EVENT REVIEW: Andrew Bird @ Rough Trade


After 9 hours of bartending at Governor’s Ball Festival (That’s a lot of $8 Miller Lites and directions to the bathroom) I was beyond excited for Andrew Bird’s intimate Rough Trade performance.

I ran out of Randal’s Island, past Jack White and Skrillex, to the bus without thinking twice, eventually reaching the venue where good people were having good conversation.

Andrew took the stage around 11:30pm with his 4-piece band, Hands of Glory. The group played classics like “Near Death Experience”, ‘Three White Horses”, “Pulaski at Night”, and “Something Biblical” along with some newer tracks, but to be honest, they could have done anything up there.

Bird and the female vocalist seemed to have a “Johnny Cash – June Carter” chemistry (Or what I’d image that would have been like, anyways). Andrew played the Violin like it was an extension of his hand, often moving his arms and body to create sharp. These were beautiful sounds that demanded your full attention.

Admittedly tired, Andrew and the band occasionally would mess up a loop or an intro only to stop, laugh and apologize to us with such casual grace that we all felt like we were the closest of friends.

One Instagram user wrote, “Andrew Bird tricked New Yorkers into liking Country.” As a Floridian, I understand the South and I’ll admit Andrew Bird did sound a bit Country, but what I think Andrew Bird tricked New Yorkers into doing, was to sit back, relax, and forget what was going on outside the venue.

I really recommend you check out Andrew Bird. Many of you will have that chance at Bonnaroo, so go see him at the farm!

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