EVENT REVIEW: Time Warp(ed) in the US

Last Friday I met up with my dear friend Kate. Well rested, heavily caffeinated and relatively prepared, we began pre-gaming for a night of top-tier techno. Things immediately became more authentic as we were joined by two Germans; Nils and Tim (and an Aussie, Justin) – long story…

Crazy techno party #timewarp

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After sharing war stories with the Germans (theirs were better) and trying to understand why Justin chose Nebraska to study abroad, we made our way down to a distant part of Brooklyn for Time Warp.  The Germans complimented us (The USA) on putting Time Warp in a run down industrial park as it made them feel like they were in Techno Heaven–East Berlin (Authenticity points!!).

Frigid, we hurried in:

After fighting to check our coats we caught the end of tINI. With the Dubfire set to take the stage after, the German techno heroine took things easy, but warmed up the growing crowd.

After sneaking 10 minutes of funky hometown heroes “The Martinez Brothers” we rushed back to see the long awaited US debut of Dubfire’s “Live Hybrid” set. A far simpler, more refined version of Flying Lotus’s visuals (if you’ve ever seen them), they complimented Ali Shirazinia’s minimal sound perfectly.

#dubfire #timewarp #ole #hybrid

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The set was particularly hypnotic and the bass was absurd.

He gripped me pretty hard with one of my favorites:

Next up was Luciano who had big shoes to fill. HE DID JUST FINE!

I love techno – I really, really do, but Luciano switched the pace a bit and freshened things up.  Luciano transported everyone from the magnificent/signature Time Warp cave to some beach somewhere in Central America. Things got kicked up a notch and things got festive. Things went from minimal, refined, and dark:


Luciano is a MUST – MUST see. Great vibes and great times. Things got especially weird when he dropped this little gem on us (Thanks Beatport):

Really looking forward to Time Warp next year and I’m really looking forward to catching these amazing acts on their own.

Kate has you on day two.



Julian and I got Day 2 started with a little Josh Wink action. Learning from our previous night’s mistake to check our coats, we bypassed the line straight to the side stage where Josh Wink was setting the mood right and hypnotic. Unfortunately, with the overlap of time slots we couldn’t catch the whole set, but I thank Josh Wink for making me feel some kinda way before Sven Väth took us away on a 3-hour techno trip of epic proportions.

The warehouse venue was a perfect fit for Time Warp’s infamous “Cave Stage.” The crowd was thick, eager and ready for Mr. Väth to make us party like it’s 1999.