House of ARISE-ing Sun


ARISE Music and Arts Festival is approaching quickly for Coloradans, and we are excited to bring you coverage of the camping event taking place at the beautiful Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO from Aug 7-9th.

This transformative festival includes art installations, workshops, yoga, theme camps, and ecological awareness tents in addition to a stellar lineup of producers and live bands. Following the trend initiated by festivals like Burning Man, Envision and LIB, ARISE aims to create an environment of learning, growth, happiness, and community. Music is the focal point, but just one of the many pieces of art that contribute to the overall festival experience.

Artists like The Polish Ambassador represent the theme of overall mindfulness that the organizers clearly want to instill in its patrons. Polish has recently been super-adamant in educating his community on the benefits of horticulture and uses his music as catalysts for social change, recycling and composting. Of course throwing dance parties helps to establish growth in communities and people as well.

Trevor Hall is another artist who continues to emphasize community and activism in his music and his overall presence online. He participates in transformative festivals that stray from the mainstream culture of partying and sloppiness that plague many of the larger commercial music festivals of today.

The lineup also includes Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Bridget Law (Elephant Revival), Rising Appalachia, Emancipator Ensemble, The Magic Beans, and a full bill of producers to keep the people moving late into the night. This eclectic collection of artists will certainly provide talent spanning the spectrum of music tastes and genres. We anticipate discovering live artists that will turn in jaw-dropping performances for years to come, while also enjoying many of the more seasoned acts of which we are fully aware. We can’t wait to explore the grounds of ARISE, a festival truly pushing the envelope in terms of what music fans should expect to experience at a weekend camping event.

For tickets and more information, check out the ARISE Music Festival website.

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