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House of Yes’ David Mancuso tribute was a theatrical disco paradise


Photos: @sashabphoto // Sasha Charoensub for

François K spearheaded a lineup that also included Paul Raffaele, David Kiss, DJ Bruce and Blu Detiger this past Saturday at the House of Yes, during their Discotechnique: The White Party. Guests were encouraged to dress in blank white clothes to enhance the experience, and even in the middle of Bushwick, most complied. The night was a tribute to NYC club pioneer and legend David Mancuso, who passed away recently, but despite that load of heaviness, the night was vibrant and purely enjoyable.

House of Yes provides a second-to-none clubbing experience in the saturated NYC market. The Bushwick hot spot is about as casual and inclusive as it gets, with patrons often taking part in the performance, something that comes from the establishment’s burner ethos. At any given time, there were a half dozen or more performers to feast your eyes on, which is a change of pace from the zombie looks of a crowd staring at the DJ.

Speaking of which, you could barely even see François K since there were so many people dancing on stage, something that is totally allowed at House of Yes. No offense to the esteemed DJ, but it’s kind of a good thing. There are more interesting people to interact with in the crowd, or even dancers swingin’ around in cages above head. François crushed it on the decks, playing an upbeat set of disco favorites to the packed crowd.

Check out some images of the night below, and check out House Of Yes’ upcoming events if you’re looking for a clubbing experience that checks the ego and the bullshit at the door.




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