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Introducing Jaw Gems, an instrumental hip-hop band playing Brooklyn Bowl on Aug 14


Jaw Gems comes from Portland, Maine. They’re a four-piece band that makes fire beats, and has a new record coming out on 1320 Records later on this month.

The band is being championed by some people who really know their stuff. Adam Deitch of Lettuce said, “The swing that J Dilla made famous on an MPC beat machine in the late ‘90s is embedded in Jaw Gems’ musical DNA, just as much as soul and funk. They have created a psychedelic, jazz-rooted, West African feeling.” His bandmate Ryan Zoidis, another Portland resident, can be seen frequently donning a Jaw Gems t-shirt.

The band also has a gig at Brooklyn Bowl on August 14th, so if you’re in the New York City area and want to check out up-and-coming music, you’ll want to be there. Flyer for that, along with some jams, are below.



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