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Listen to Phish’s 36-minute “Tweezer” Live from Lake Tahoe


If you’re like me, you spend a decent amount of time lurking Facebook, paying particularly careful attention to your friends who have good taste in music (and probably blocking, deleting or hiding stories from the rest of ’em). Well, about a week ago, there was one word that kept coming up… TWEEZER. I knew it was a great song by the almighty Phish, but what I didn’t know until about the 6th status I saw about this splinter-grabbing device was that Phish played perhaps their most epic display of 2013 improv in lake Tahoe on July 31st. It’s almost old news now, but if you care about this type of thing, this jam will live in infamy for a long long time.

It is with that, that I felt obliged to post Phish’s 36-minute Tahoe “Tweezer” for your enjoyment. Now ENJOY!


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