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Lotus releases brand new 19-track album ‘Frames Per Second’, announces 2019 tour dates!


Lotus has surprise-released a brand new album called Frames Per Second, a 19-song follow up to 2016’s Eat the Light. The 90-minute album is now available to stream on Spotify, so what are you waiting for!? (Stream also embedded at the bottom here!)

While I haven’t heard the entire thing yet, the first handful of tracks would indicate that this is a bit of a side-step for Lotus. Where Eat the Light experimented with disco and Talking Heads-style pop sounds, this release seems to take things back to a jazzier, funky Lotus sound. It isn’t without some wild analog synth sounds, but everything is integrated in a bit more of an organic fashion (so far…).

Lots of tasty Mike Rempel niblets are in the first handful of tracks as I write this, along with some robo-vocals that are a little further back in the mix than what we had heard from the band recently. Maybe start off with “Aquamarine” if you want a general taste of what the band is coming forward with in this surprise release. Overall, it sounds like a fantastic bulk of music that couldn’t have come at a better time!

Next week the band will play two sets at Holidaze in Mexico alongside Umphrey’s McGee, STS9, Disco Biscuits, and more. We’ll be on site to shoot the recap video, and we can’t wait to capture all of the magic that will take place on the sands of Mexico over the course of the week. See you there!

The band is also hitting the road in 2019! They’ve announced a bunch of dates, including 3 nights at the Brooklyn Bowl, one of our very favorite venues.


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