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Maya Jane Coles Throws Down @ Verboten [Brooklyn, NY]

Deep, dark and sufficiently weird–just how I like it.


Photo courtesy of © Mike Prieto 2015

That’s exactly what Miss Maya Jane Coles brought to the table last Saturday, for the most packed crowd I’ve ever seen at Verboten. Seriously though, the place was wall to wall slammed with hipsters getting hit hard, as the techno goddess went 4 hours strong.

Naturally, I’ve gotta rep all the female DJs who are killin’ it out there, but MJC, all bias aside, is killin’ it. Your girl’s playing huge festivals, producing deep house tracks that you could listen to on repeat, and DJing dark, hypnotizing, techno sets to packed crowds all over the world.


Photo courtesy of © Mike Prieto 2015

The first time I saw MJC was at Ultra 2011. Well, technically I didn’t really see her, (the both os us, being vertically challenged, allowed for only the tippy top of her dope-haired head to peek over the Bayfront Stage) but lucky for me, sound was the only sense I was concerned with at the moment. I remember being completely hypnotized by this music that I have never really experienced before. It was a different sound, a deeper sound; darker and more intimate. Pretty mind-altering for baby Kate, who at the time, was most excited to rage Main Stage Kaskade circa Fire & Ice. (unashamed side note: Kaskade will always be my Numero Uno) Needless to say, MJC turned me on to some real shit and opened my ears to an entire genre of electronic music that I otherwise wouldn’t have even known what to do with.

A lot has gone down since then, but post-Verboten, I have realized a couple things remain the same: 1) MJC is steady killin’ it, producing original tracks and spinning ridiculous sets that will have you Shazaming all damn night and 2) I still can’t see her over the DJ booth.

Taken from a Facebook Group thread regarding Maya’s set at Verboten, I think Gaurav Lal described it best: 

“There are some moments in life which are beyond all the possible ways and means of communication yet known and accessible to mankind. One has to be there to experience them first hand, to be able to get any inkling of the depth of feelings, whirlwind of emotions and happiness of heart they evoke. I would put MJCs set at Verboten at epitome of that experience.”


Photo courtesy of © Mike Prieto 2015

Well said, my friend. With that, I will leave you with these, all of which MJC dropped at some point during her 4 hour techno trip:


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