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Nero, Killsonik pop the roof off Ybor City’s Amphitheatre on Halloween

In Ybor City, there was only one club that had an hour-long line wrapped around the corner. The Amphitheatre hosted Nero and Killsonik on one of the most festive days of the year. Nearly the entire crowd was dressed in gaudy costumes, from unicorns to convicts to Big Gigantic’s Jeremy Salken.

Locals and # residents Mr. Saturn and Winta got the party started as the Amp’s thousands of low-end watts shook the entire audience. London’s Killsonik kicked things up a notch with his dubstep and trap dominated set. Highlights include his remix of “Flashing Lights” and Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” As the venue filled capacity, Killsonik wrapped up his set as 1/2 of the mighty Nero geared up for an insane DJ set.

The set covered dozens of tracks, mostly coming from Nero’s critically acclaimed dubstep catalogue. However the skilled DJ was sure to throw electro, jumpstep, trap and drum & bass in to the Halloween extravaganza. The encore included Baauer’s remix of “Won’t You Be There” and lastly System of a Down’s “Chop Suey,” which was received really well by the crowd.

The Amphitheatre’s  top notch sound system played an amazing role by pumping the entire club full of bass. The costumes added an amazing vibe to what was undoubtably Ybor’s most grandiose Halloween party.


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