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New Lotus Album “Gilded Age” | Out July 22nd

One of our favorite jam bands, Lotus, is back with another studio album. The turnaround from their last album to this one has been rather quick too. No complaints here! When we interviewed Lotus at Electric Forest 2 years ago they mentioned that they would be releasing lots of new music rather quickly, including their last album “Monks” and then another album shortly after. This is that other album! It will be titled “Gilded Age” and has 6 new Lotus tracks and 4 remixes from their favorite downtempo producers. They plan to focus this album around rock’n’roll primarily too which is exciting. You can preorder the vinyl or digital copy RIGHT HERE. Check out a new song and the behind the scenes of the new album below. I really like the old recording studio vibe they set up for making the new album.

Lotus gilded age


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