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NEW MUSIC: Brooklyn’s True Groove Records – Funky World Compilation [Funk, Dance, Dub]

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.10.25 PM

Brooklyn’s True Groove Records has presented a brand new compilation, full of  unique styles that span across the world. It’s very Thievery Corporation-esque, as the groups move from dance-funk to 80s to worldly dub sounds.

“AnnaRexia” is a dub-reggae tune regarding a eating disorder, complete with dancehall vocals and a fat bass line. “Funky World” is purely danceable funk, capable of getting your weekend started off right. “Sexy Cuty” sounds like Cee-Lo’s reggae-singin’ little brother, who hopefully doesn’t engage in the same sexual controversy as the Goodie Mob singer.

The result of the compilation is a well-rounded collection of tunes, displaying the versatility of True Groove Records. Stream it below and give it a purchase if you’re feelin’ it.


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