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NEW MUSIC: Exmag & Branx – MVP (featuring Denzell Terrell) [DubEra Premiere, Free Downloa


As Exmag & Branx gear up for the release of their upcoming, 8-track EP Plants & Animals, we couldn’t be happier to premiere the lead single for the first time as a free download.

The track sees Exmag and Branx collaborating on a super-funky cut led by vocalist Denzell Terrell. Frankly, “MVP” is the ultimate kind of pop music, as it’s both ridiculously catchy and hook-driven but also incredibly musical and psychedelic. Listen to those sweet, sweet synths in the background and imagine yourself riding a dolphin in to the sunset. (…might help to have a bong rip first, but doesn’t it always?)

On a personal note, it’s been an absolute pleasure watching these guys craft this project in Brooklyn. I speak for everyone who’s had a hand in the project when I say that we can’t wait for you to hear the rest of it. Soon, my friends. Soon.


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