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NEW MUSIC: Extraordinary Magnitude vs. Blackstreet- No Diggity (Gramatik Side Project) [Free Downloa

I’m likin’ the way Gramatik is workin’ it! His newest side project, Extraordinary Magnitude aka Exmag just released their first song. The instrumental song is a track from the album they are producing, Proportions, with the added acapella sample from the well-loved song No Diggity.

Gramatik, Eric Mendelson, Drastiq, Buffalo Analog & Illumntr saving the universe one space babe at a time. In an effort to save the universe from imminent doom, five Brooklyn-based producers were summoned by seven mysterious babes from outer space. Sent by powers unknown, the babes projected visions in the minds of the producers. They must now join forces to interpret these visions through sound as EXTRAORDINARY MAGNITUDE.


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