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NEW MUSIC: Papadosio – Night & Day [Live Electronic, Jamtronica]


Definitely a favorite over here at DubEra HQ is Asheville-based Papadosio. Out of all the bands lumped in to the jamtronica, live-electronic, jam/edm category, these guys definitely do one of the tightest shows.

Having seen them numerous times, I can honestly attest that Papadosio gets better and better each time. The band has evolved incredibly over the years and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of so many incredible experiences at their shows over the last few years.

Below you will find a HQ live performance of “Night & Day.” This song isn’t new exactly, but I guess this is the first time it’s being released.

The announcement reads…

Papadosio is excited to bring you Night & Day (Live) – a collection of unreleased songs filmed and recorded live from a cabin in the Appalachian mountains. Featuring up close camera angles and high definition audio, Night & Day (Live) allows viewers to gain new depth into the process of Papadosio’s unique artistic expression. Over the next month, a new song will be released every Tuesday and Thursday until the entire collection is completed. Stay tuned for more videos by subscribing to the Papadosio Youtube channel. The Night & Day (Live) audio – details coming soon For the best audio visual experience, please be sure the quality is set to HD. For tour dates and other information please visit


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