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Papadosio ends three-night Florida run with yoga, super moon and a double-set show

Papadosio ended their 3-night run in Jacksonville on Saturday with a double set show, something that they may need to do more often. The two nights prior they handled their biggest headlining shows in Florida at the Culture Room and the State Theater. Both shows were slam packed for the band that has been frequenting the AURA Music & Arts Festival since its inception 4 years ago.

The growth of the band has brought Papadosio to the spotlight of the jamtronica scene. The improv jams have become interesting, meaningful and surprising. Their LED walls are mesmerizing, artistic and fitting. While their name doesn’t yield quite the response as STS9 or the Disco Biscuits, their music is just as tight as their predecessors, if not more-so.

In St. Pete, the crew brought new and old jams alike to a crowded State Theater. They began with the older tune “Hippie Babysitter,” which would kickstart a 4-song jam session leading the crowd to believe they may not take a break in between tracks all night. They did, but the breaks were short-lived breaths where the band’s frontman Anthony Thogmartin would sincerely thank the crowd for showing up. The band ended their set with “All I Knew” and came out for a “Snorkel” encore.

We were unable to attend following night in Ft. Lauderdale, but heard it was another packed show. I saw the setlist and they played “Unparalyzer” and “Polygons,” amongst others. It’s never fun missing a great band in your home-state, but you can’t win ’em all.

We showed up to the Jacksonville show hours early to prepare for an interview with Rob and Mike, the band’s respective bassist and drummer. Luckily for us, waiting around to catch up with those dudes wasn’t the only thing to do in the 4-5 hours before the show.

The Co-Creative Communal Consciousness set up a yoga workshop across the street from the venue, which is only feet from the beach. Anthony came out and spoke the crowd of thirty-something yogis following an awesome session led by Timothy Kelly. It was the perfect way to prime for a long night of music and dancing.

Stokeswood got the night going once more and I’m sure they were pleased at the energetic response they received by the Jacksonville faithful. If you’ve never seen the Atlanta electro-rockers, be sure to check ’em out. Side note: they ended with Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.

The band’s double-set show confirmed my opinion that they’ve definitely reached that stature as artists. They have plenty of tunes, plenty of insane visuals, and the musicianship to flawlessly link up their tracks. The 2-hours worth of music wasn’t drastically more or less than what they played the previous two nights, but the set break adds anticipation and probably the break they need from shredding so damn hard.

The set kicked off with “Puddles for Oceans,” a fitting track to play just across the street from the massive Atlantic Ocean. The group went on to perform “Direction,” “Cue,” and “If it Wasn’t For You” in a massive set that ended a terrific Florida run. The second set ended with a 14-minute “Night Colors,” a definite crowd-pleaser. Papa D came back on to do “Paradigm Shift” and the crowd was definitely pleased.

Following the show, a solid portion of the concert-goers went out to the beach for a burn. Members of Papadosio joined us as fire-spinners, swimmers, musicians and smiles populated the beach on the night before the Super Moon. The moon was massive that night and it illuminated the entire beach, as if Papadosio planned it that way. With the summer solstice falling smack-dab in the middle of this three-night run, I can’t think of a better way to start summer off.

Be sure to look out for our interview with Rob & Mike as well!


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