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Perpetual Groove Makes Triumphant Return to Florida with 2 Night Run [Photos & Setlists]

P Groove made a return to the stage after taking some years off. Their first time back in South Florida was nothing short of awesome. They did 2 nights at Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale. Lots of die hard fans came out with high expectation and they were definitely pleased with the show that was given. Not only did they sound good, they looked good. The band seemed to be having a good time and the lights were really on point. Check out the set lists and our photos below:

Night 1 Setlist (1/22): Gorilla Monsoon> Space Oddity> Speed Queen> Scary Monsters*> Speed Queen Paper Dolls TSM2 Mr. Transistor Mayday> Out Here Green Tea# It Starts Where it Ends> Space Paranoids Two Shores ~E~ I’m Afraid of Americans *First Time Played David Bowie Cover ‪#‎w‬/Jim Wuest of The Heavy Pets

Night 2 Setlist (1/23): Crockett & Tubbs> MOTA Cairo AIM So Much> Robot Waltz> As Goodbye Sun Dog The March of Gibbles Army> Ain’t no rest for the Wicked> Teakwood Betz TTFPJ> Three Weeks Stealy Man -E- Only Always -E2- Bulls on Parade

pgroove culture room


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