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Purple Hatters Ball Announces Full 2013 Lineup!

Purple Hatter's Ball_2013

Purple Hatters Ball is somewhat of a bittersweet phoenix. The incredible, family festival has warm vibes due to the beginning of summer weather, along with that unforgettable feeling of the Suwannee. However, the festival is in memory of the late Rachel Hoffman, who was a victim of the often corrupt war on drugs. She was murdered in a drug-bust gone wrong in 2008. Since then, the Spirit of Suwannee music park, a place frequented by Rachel, has played host to the greatest memorial service she could have possibly wished for.

And although it stems from a terrible tragedy, the Purple Hatters Ball is a jubilant celebration of life. This year, Lettuce, the Malah, DubConscious, Quantic and the New Mastersounds will rock the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in the name of peace, love and fair treatment of the United State’s citizens. Nigel Hall’s Sunday Gospel Surprise sounds incredible as well!

The festival does a fantastic job at balancing the freaky, fun, festival vibes we all love while not getting away from the reason we are all there. This isn’t a random celebration of music, it is something a little deeper, and you should come and see what it is all about.

Purple Hatters Ball has expanded to 3 days this year, and man is it awesome to see this festival grow. Tickets are only $60 for 3 days of primitive camping and amazing bands. You can pick those up HERE.


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