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REVIEW: Cheatahs Brings New Material to Baby’s All Right


The London-based Cheatahs were slated to play New York City’s CMJ festival when visa problems arose. While they didn’t make it for the marathon, the group played a make-up show at Baby’s All Right last night. Playing older material and the phenomenal stuff off the new album Mythologies, the quartet displayed why they are one of the better acts on the current ‘nü-gaze’ style tons of artists are running with.

The group splits vocal duties between the guitar-bearing members, which adds a nice variation to the live show. Cheatahs is accompanied by a relatively minimal projection show that adds a psychedelic component to the show. At the intimate Baby’s, it really tied the vibe together, and if there’s one thing you can attribute Cheatahs’ rising status to, it’s the vibe they create with their music. It’s energetic and vital, but soaring with melody. Phaser-driven guitar sounds fill up the room and the trippy pastels bring it all to life.

Check out Cheatahs on KEXP if you’d like a taste of what they sound like in the live setting. These songs are a bit older, so also give the recently released  Mythologies a listen, as it’s been on repeat for us this last week.


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