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Review: Lee Burridge – No daydreaming necessary

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As I previewed last week, Sunday marked the end of Lee Burridge’s “All Day I Dream” parties for the summer…

I rolled with Chris and my friend Amanda.  Things seemed pretty typical for Bushwick (unassuming industrial building surrounded by Bodegas).

As we walked through the doors, we quickly realized this was very much not the case.

Where to start? The people were vibrant and kind. The venue was spacious and loud. The weather was something you write poetry about.

The night felt like a less touristy Ibiza that somehow transported to some sort of space jungle.  

HEY, that’s just my opinion though (and I’m only speculating)… All in all, It was a utopia (sans drink prices, but ehhhh).

Throughout the set, Lee had countless visitors which he treated all like family.  It was a uniquely loving atmosphere, and you could certainly feel it.

All things aside, the guy knows how to keep a crowd moving- little was predictable, nothing was forced.

There’s something about watching a veteran actually DJ.  I’m not suggesting he’s got A-Trak tricks on the decks, but I’m saying it’s a thing of beauty watching a DJ know exactly how to put an entire crowd of different people on the exact same wave length.

I STRONGLY recommend you keep tabs on Lee Burridge, his friends, and needless to say his parties.


Shout out to The Well for having us.

Be easy! Julian


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