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REVIEW: Papadosio Mixes New Songs and Old Favorites at Irving Plaza Gig


Papadosio’s new album, Extras in a Movie, just released, and the band is excited about it. Last night in New York City, they mixed some new cuts from that record along with old favorites to deliver an energetic set.

Thriftworks opened up the show with his bassy glitch and hip hop productions. After priming the dance-floor for Papadosio’s set, the headliners took the stage following a brief intermission. The first three songs were off the new record, which helped to build the energy up slowly. By the time the band started diving into old tunes, the crowd was well ready for it, with “Curve(ature)” and “Dream Estate” being greeted with huge applauses. The former really ripped into the guitar-centric jams that the band’s sound was founded on.

Papadosio went back into the new material before ultimately ending the show on a really high note. “Find Your Cloud” was obviously one that a lot of people were hoping for, because the sparse crowd rejoiced amongst hearing the first notes. The encore threw things back to 2012, for me anyways, with a ripping “Night Colors.” That track always seems to take the crowd out of their bodies, which is exactly what happened throughout the course of the song’s regular structure and improvisational jams.

While the new material continues to resonate with the fan base, Papadosio’s eclectic mix of styles still provides a great show. Time will determine whether or not the Extras tracks can provide patrons with the same life as the older classics.

Extras in a Movie | Act 1, Scene 24 Irving Plaza – New York, NY

Glimpse of Light, The Wrong Nostalgia, Ritual, Curve(ature), Dream Estate, Smile and Nod, …and this is what he thought > Cloud Found, Anima Mundi, Find Your Cloud

E: PhDeez, Night Colors


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