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SHOW PREVIEW: Jon Hopkins Plays Output Tonight; Recently Released EP


While inconvenient – I love an artist I can’t quite explain.

Ex. Me: I’m going to Jon Hopkins at Output tonight, you should come!

Friend: Oh tight; What are they like?

Me: It’s hard to explain …

^^^^ Perfect.

Which is why I’m excited for Jon Hopkins … I was lucky enough to see Jon at The Hudson Project this summer, then shortly after at Le Poisson Rouge.

He’s a bit of an anomaly in a frequently predictable realm of music.

They were both those types of shows where even the worst offenders weren’t on their phone – Either drawn to his amazing visuals (Jon’s previous collaborated with biochemist turned artist Linden Gledhill and art director Craig Ward) or dense/powerful sound.

His music is dark, entrancing, but also exhilarating and fresh.

Jon recently announced a new EP “Asleep Versions” (11/10). The four track EP is dreamy, melodic, and beautiful – it certainly incites some deep thought.

I’m beyond excited to see how incorporates his new work into an always crazy Friday night at Output.

EP Preview with download links:


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