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SHOW REVIEW: 108 Plays Matinee & Evening Shows at Saint Vitus [Photos, Setlists]


Krishna hardcore band 108 announced a pair of shows at Greenpoint’s Saint Vitus bar a while ago, with a matinee show boasting drawing from their first two albums and an evening show relying heavy on the great material from Threefold Misery. The shows sold out super quick, as a rare opportunity to catch these hardcore greats isn’t to be wasted. Packed with energy, the shows were about as epic as you’d imagine.

Joining the band in this double-header is Blacklisted, a more modern band that has evolved wonderfully over the years, releasing increasingly experimental music as each LP drops. The matinee had a bit more energy as the all ages crowd came out, moshing and singing along with passion and pride. The sing alongs were epic for 108’s earlier work, including “Deathbed” which shook the venue to its core.


The second show featured songs mostly from Threefold Misery, a 90s hardcore classic that mixes mid-tempo heaviness with pulverizing uptempo parts. Some experimental strokes of dub reggae and Hare Krishna chants make it one of the more unique releases to come out of the same scene that birthed Quicksand, Into Another, and Earth Crisis. The band ran through sixteen songs, including a few from other releases like A New Beat From A Dead Heart and 18.61. Hardcore is a young man’s sport, but even 25 years after starting this band, they are still an incredible force to watch.

Setlist (matinee show) Holyname Gopinatha Thirst Liar Woman Noonenomore Thorn Hostage:I Request Denied Pale Opposition Deathbed Son of Nanda Setlist (evening show) Invocation Blood Killer of the Soul Scandal Being or Body When Death Closes Your Eyes Mantra Six Serve and Defy Curse of Instinct Pyro Stoke Declarations on a Grave Angel Strike Man 18.61 Forever Is Destroyed Arctic Encore: Solitary


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