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SHOW REVIEW: Antibalas + Zap Mama in NYC

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.32.50 AM

The always phenomenal Antibalas played a hometown show at Highline Ballroom last week. They have been supporting Belgian “Afro-Pop” artist, Zap Mama on a nationwide tour.

As I entered things got going immediately.  Zap Mama brought a snappy, fun, and witty attitude. Her banter and interaction with the audience was entertainment on its own. She was a killer beat-boxer too.

About three songs in, Antibalas’ front man Amayo took the stage for ‘Dirty Money.”  The energy picked up, and things became 100% afro-beat.  Amayo introduced a new track “Hook & Crook” (hope I heard things properly).  The sound was bombastic and got everyone moving.

Strong smells of tequila and weed filled the room – It was a party.

Zap Mama returned on stage and a the whole room had fun with a “Somebody’s watching me” cover.

If you want an amazing night out with middle aged people you hope to be when you’re older, amazing sound, and great vibes – Don’t miss this tour.


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