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SHOW REVIEW: Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream [Brooklyn, NY]


The line was long, the sun was beating down, the muffled bass teased everyone, but we all knew it would be worth the wait. Recently I read a book called “One Mind” by Dr. Larry Dossey. The premise of Dossey’s book is that as individual humans we don’t create consciousness, but merely interpret or connect to one universal consciousness – “One Mind.” As I descended down the stairs the purple and aqua canopy floated in the breeze. The glitter, laughter and of course beautiful music all hit me and the concept of one mind had never seemed more real.

I went from an individual waiting in line to a seemingly inseparable assembly of dancing – floating in space.

As the crowd settled in, Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge eventually took to the decks and weaved together a long, beautiful, spacey, set. I was entranced, and introspective.

Eventually the sunset and right about when the night was scheduled to end, rain began to fall. It was cinematic. Sade’s sweet voice filled the air as Burridge played a remix of her classic “Pearls.”   The raindrops glistened as they fell and we were all dancing in the rain as we all eventually headed our separate ways.

Now in it’s fifth year, Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay’s ADID party is a breath of fresh air. Frankly I leave most parties joking with my friends about how much the evening took off my life expectancy, things ended Sunday with me feeling rejuvenated.

For about 7 hours Sunday June 14th, were just a bunch of “dreamers” (lost) in a moment.

Don’t miss things July 12th when the party returns to BK:


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