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SHOW REVIEW: Woods Deliver Spacey Jams & Freaky Folk at Rough Trade [Brooklyn, NY]


Taken From Woods’ Facebook

Brooklyn’s Woods have been quietly doing their thing for almost 10 years now, releasing psychedelic-tinged indie rock. They’ve come a long way since their days of lo-fi folk tunes as displayed in their sold out show at Rough Trade.

Woods’ style lies somewhere between (older) Death Cab For Cutie and the Grateful Dead, of whom they are highly influenced by. Their songs usually fall shy of the 4-minute mark, but they aren’t afraid to stretch them out to lengthy, spacey jams either. Rolling Stone recently called them the best jam band at Bonnaroo, and after witnessing their chemistry on stage I can totally see why. It was seriously impressive.

To enhance the bands’ unique style, Drippy Eye Projections was on the scene to create that 1960s acid test vibe. With a plethora of projectors at his disposal, the VJ wizard created eye candy for the sold out crowd. It was like an ever-moving, Tame Impala 7″ cover thing going on the whole time. Pictures don’t do it justice, but just so I don’t sound crazy…



Between the sounds and the sites, the show was a feast for the senses. Woods pushed through a selection of mostly newer songs while tinkering with the jams that connected them. A trio of songs off the newest record, 2014’s With Light and With Love, ended the set: the slide-guitar driven “Full Moon,” indie-pop tune “Moving to the Left,” and 9-minute jam-rocker “With Light and With Love.” It would be enough for the crowd to beckon the band for an encore, and they came out to play the older “Rain On” and (what I believe was) “Pushing Onlys” before calling it a night.

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