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Soul Clap is going to FUNK us into 2017 at Brooklyn’s Good Room [NYE Preview]

In what will probably be the funkiest party in New York City on New Year’s Eve, Soul Clap will take over the Good Room alongside friends No Regular Play and local legends Justin Strauss and Billy Caldwell. The event leaves at home the snobbiness that NYE and club culture and perpetuate, instead favoring booty-shaking beats and that elusive “good time” everyone is trying to have when they go out.

The Soul Clap duo are ending a big year which saw the release of their best studio album, a self-titled LP on their Crew Love imprint. Joining them are brothers No Regular Play, who mix up a jazzy, live sound with the label’s dance rhythms. It’ll be great to see how they all take turns on Good Room’s sound-system, one that is sure to keep the bass bumpin’ until the break of dawn.

In the Bad Room is Justin Strauss and Billy Caldwell, a couple of veterans who will bring stacks of wax to rock the vibey side room at the Greenpoint club. These two dance-floors under one roof will help us say goodbye to 2016, a year of ups and downs to say the least, and hello to 2017, a year that, well, I’m not so sure will be any better.

To keep it optimistic, at least the first hours of 2017 are gonna rock. We’ll be spending it at the Good Room, and would love for you to join us. Scoop up some tickets, and get your booty to the dance-floor.


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