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STS9 Closes Fall Tour with a NYC Heater [Review, Setlist]


via the_wandering_herm on Instagram

STS9 concluded a 17-date fall tour last night at New York City’s Terminal 5. It was a chilly night, but the Atlanta quintet brought the heat with a couple sets that went into Sunday morning. Tribe is touring in support of their latest LP The Universe Inside, which departs from the band’s instrumental electronica/rock and focuses more on vocalised dance tracks. On Saturday night, they balanced those new tracks with the classics from their catalogue.

They kicked things off with “World Go Round,” a new one that ushered in many of the stragglers who were still finding their way into the Upper West Side venue. The triple-tier venue is a polarizing one because when it’s packed it can be difficult to get a good spot, however it was a comfortable turn out last night, with plenty of dancing room and sight-lines to enjoy.

“Blu Mood” followed and featured the catchy guitar work of Hunter Brown, who has really stepped up in the absence of David Murphy. Actually, and not to beat the dead horse here, but the entire band really steps up in a huge way with this (now not-so-) new lineup. It doesn’t hurt that Alanna Rocklin, Murphy’s successor, drops the bass BOMBS all night long.

Saxon’s lights were sitetracking the entire experience, beautifully seasoning the bands upbeat sets, which included fiery “Open E,” “Kamuy” (with a Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” jam), and “When the Dust Settles” to close. The band was hardly done though, as a three-song, double-encore closed out a wonderful night and a fantastic tour.

Setlist (via STS9 Lounge)

Set I: World Go Round > Blu Mood, Aimlessly, Worry No More, F. Word, Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist, Click Lang Echo, Totem

Set II: Vapors > MOD, Ramone & Emiglio, Get Loud -> Open E, Kamuy*, When the dust settles

Encore: Gobnugget

2nd encore: Looking back on Earth > Inspire Strikes Back

Notes: * Rockit (Herbie Hancock) Jam


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