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Treetops’ Let Them Eat Cake: TEED & Dimitri From Paris at House of Yes this Saturday


Treetops is back at it again! This time with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Dimitri From Paris at House of Yes for a party called Let Them Eat Cake! I have a sweet tooth from hell, and the only thing that could be better than gorging on pastries is doing it while dressed as a pastry, dancing to fire disco cuts.

House of Yes will be the perfect host for something this insane, because it’s the place that hosts the most insane parties in the neighborhood. I went there on Saturday and there were about a dozen arial performers floating above head-level throughout the entire night. It feels like a festival and drugs and like being on drugs at the festival. It’s bazaar and wild and over the top and awesome! It’s also a damn good time.

Get your tickets now. Also feel free to get involved on Facebook.

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