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VIDEO PREMIERE: TATRAN on a Bushwick Rooftop


Israeli’s TATRAN made the journey from the Middle East to the United States a couple weeks back, playing shows at Atlanta Jazz Festival and Time Square’s Iridium in NYC. During their stay in the Big Apple, the dynamic trio played a special show on the illicit Bushwick Rooftop, a last-minute pop-up orchestrated by the band and Tango Presents, a production venture that I’ve been working on to do some interesting jazz stuff in the borough.

The performance lasted about an hour and a half and hosted roughly 200 people. TATRAN shifted from jazzy improv to full-fledged groove, injecting their experimental sounds along each note of the journey. The band had this to say about the performance:

In these kind of shows there’s always a different energy and connection to the audience, it’s different to perform within the audience rather than a high stage distanced and well separated from the people. People were dancing and moving around us and it’s affecting our vibes and the way we play. Also, there’s something exciting about performing in front of a new audience, that experiences our live music for the first time. It was a spontaneous production with the effort of some good positive people who made it all happen in a very short notice, and this is part of the magic – when there’s a flow in the way things happen and in the people around you, it leads to a flow in the music and the performance too. We were amazed by the hundreds who showed up, we feel lucky and thankful.

We’re very excited to premiere a video from the band’s performance, recorded live by Vlad Grinberg on video and Eran Alpern on sound. You can check out the video below.

In the coming months, TATRAN will work on the follow up to 2014’s Shvat and play around the world…no big deal.


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