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Wanee 2012

If you haven’t seen it yet, this years Wanee lineup is legendary! If you are unfamiliar with Wanee it is a magical festival in the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park located in North Florida. Wanee has a very relaxed and friendly vibe with people of all ages coming together for a wonderful weekend. Lots of jam bands and fans flood the Suwannee campgrounds for 3 days. This year Wanee is conveniently placed on April 19th – April 21st. (aka Wanee is on 4/20!) Hurrayy! In all seriousness though this festival is a wonderful time and a great way to experience the Suwannee forest if you have never had the chance to do so before. With sets from bands such as The Allman Brothers, EOTO, Furthur, and Conspirator who could resist!? I love Florida festivals in the Suwannee campgrounds. I definitely won’t be missing this one! For more information visit the Wanee Website

Check out this exclusive interview we did with Jason Hann from EOTO, one of the bands set to perform this year at Wanee! [soundcloud url=”″]


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