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What makes Gathering of the Vibes a unique festival?

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Festival curators spend tons of time on non-music activities to make their event unique. Let’s take a look at how Gathering of the Vibes differentiates themselves, aside from the music.

Seaside Park

Gathering of the Vibes isn’t located on some farm or in the woods. Instead, it is located at Seaside Park, a beach-front property located in the University of Bridgeport. The ocean breeze, the scent it brings and the opportunity to gaze in to an endless sea of water all contribute to the serenity of Vibes.

Community & Unity

Most festivals do their part in bringing the best vibes possible. It usually isn’t too hard, and as long as you have good music and good people, the vibes usually create themselves.

However, Gathering of the Vibes takes this a step further with a series of events they call “Community & Unity.” Rise and Shine Yoga is held each morning at 9:30am, for those who wish to get an early start.

On Sunday, the World Peace Flag Ceremony followed the yoga session. This ceremony involved a number of patrons holding up a different flag. The MC instructed everyone to follow suit in chanting each country’s name in hopes that the good energy would be felt in places that need it the most. The World Peace Sanctuary, a non-sectarian, non-profit organization lead the ceremony in addition to planting poles that read “may peace prevail on earth” in different languages around the festival grounds. The World Peace Flag Ceremony ended with a chant of that same mantra.

Other events included the Terrapin Foundation Beach Cleanup, Artisan Village, Solar Bus, Art Gallery and more.

Partners In Vibes

Gathering of the Vibes is dedicated to the community of Bridgeport, CT in addition to the betterment of our planet. To create the best community possible, Vibes partners with the best…

The Green Vibes Sustainability Village had a plethora of non-profits and green businesses who wished to spread their gospel.

Clean Vibes kept the festival grounds clean, with plenty of recycling and trash receptacles that never overflowed. Clean Vibes also ran a rewards system that gave points to those who brought in cans and bottles. The grand prize winner won two tickets to next year’s Gathering of the Vibes.

The Terrapin Foundation ran a food drive that gave out posters for cash and non-perishable food donations that benefitted the Connecticut Food Bank and the city of Bridgeport. The festival was pleased to announce that they collected more food and money than the previous year.

Jerry Garcia’s Birthday

Few things will make a gathering of Grateful Dead fans more pleased than celebrating Jerry Garcia’s birthday at a music festival. Gathering of the Vibes is rooted in Grateful Dead music and always brings the best cover bands and tribute projects to the festival. The musicians love celebrating Jerry’s birthday too!

Roaming Artists

Have you ever seen buskers at a music festival? Roaming artists brought the insanity of spontaneity to the festival by popping up left and right for impromptu dance parties. It was like seeing an incredible band in the NYC subway, but where no one is in a rush, everybody loves dancing, and you’re on the beach instead of underground!

Family Vibes

Kids will always bring a certain sunshine to a festival, and Vibes is the perfect example of that. It was definitely a family affair, and I was lucky enough to see generations of families enjoying the serene environment and awesome music together.


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