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A Poetic & Pictorial Account of Suwannee Hulaween

Sorry to bother you, but can I have your attention please?

Here’s a Hulaween article wrapped up like a ball of cheese

You see, Suwannee Hula did it again in year four

Tens of thousands people came, and love poured

I went to the amp stage, sat on a tree stump

Lights beamed in my face, soundtracked by the Umph

That west coast rapper lived up to all the talk

Wake up, wake up! No more sleep on Anderson .Paak!

There was cool chilly nights, and warm, blue skies

Spooky monsters to encounter at Spirit Lake – Oh my!

Once inside the lake, your paths will cross

With old friends and new ones, under the hanging moss

We play like kids on the fields of Live Oak

Havin’ a blast, laughin’ it up, tellin’ a joke

Nothing like a Saturday night with Soundtribe

The ATLiens invaded much to our delight

I don’t like to cause conflict, or call people names

But pity on you if you missed the genius of Jim James

The four days lived up to all my hopes and wishes

Spreading positivity with cuddles, hugs and kisses

If you were there, then you know just what I mean

Hope you had a great time, and a happy Hulaween!

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