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An Evening In Orlando With Zach Deputy

Last night’s Zach Deputy show did just about everything – except disappoint. Kicked off by openers RJ Harman and Company, the concert was a wild ride through the countryside of soul, complete with harmonica solos, blues riffs, and beatbox jams.

RJ Harman and his band started the fun with a Blues-Traveler-esque set that got everyone excited and upbeat. Folks were dancing from the first note, and RJ’s down-home harmonica solos kept us all paying attention (we’d love to see this band at Bear Creek). They used some serious soul to fill The Plaza Live’s larger venue with great vibes. Their tasteful, tactful tunes ranged from bluesy to ballsy and back again, and the dressed-up quartet set a perfect mood for what was to come: an all-out soul jam session led by the famously angelic Zach D.


Deputy came on just before 10pm and played well into the 1 o’clock hour, showering listeners with a range of vocals, beatboxes, and mod-guitar progressions that left us all in awe. Soft, upbeat, acoustic soul was transformed with loop pedals and myriad effects machines, which resulted in an epic and classic personal performance. And as if that wasn’t good enough, Zach casually tossed in a Grateful Dead cover toward the end: the crowd immediately picked up on Shakedown Street and, accordingly, shook it down.


With the exception of The Plaza’s $6 “Draft Special” (Bud Light, for God’s sake), the night was incredible and we’re looking forward to many a late-night Zach D sets this fall at The Spirit Of the Suwannee Music Park, his self-proclaimed “home.”

written by: Taylor Cleary


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