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Artist Interview: Karl Denson talks new album, Roosevelt Collier, and his upcoming Denver run!

This weekend The Ogden Theatre will host back-to-back nights of Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe on Friday and Saturday.

Joining them on tour right now is the sit-in master Roosevelt “The Dr.” Collier. Adding Collier will surely add a new element to Tiny Universe’s already unique funk sound, these will not be shows you want to miss!

Still running strong off of their February release of New Ammo in a quick interview with Karl Denson he promises that the band is working away at another new release and even made a mention that songs as new as last week might be making their debut at their Denver shows!

Below is the rest of my chat with Karl D!


Hey Karl, how’s it going today?

Feeling good man, just got home yesterday. Taking a little time to decompress.

It’s got to be nice to have a little bit of time to relax while on tour. Tiny Universe kicked off their tour with a run down the coast of California, how does it feel to be back on the road?

It was great; we had a really good time starting off the tour on the west coast.

What have you been listening to on the road?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Bowie, a lot of Zeppelin lately, and really just a lot of blues.

You guys have Roosevelt Collier on the bill with you this fall, how has that been and what does Roosevelt bring to Tiny Universe that you don’t usually have?

You know I’ve been hearing a lot more roots over the last year or two, and I started playing guitar. So when Roosevelt plays with us I hear a blues aspect that he brings that we don’t typically have.

Can fans expect some special tracks to be played having Roosevelt available to the band?

Well, yes but we will keep those under wraps until it happens. We are throwing in some different flavors.

Tiny Universe released New Ammo back in February, how was the response from the new record and how has it been playing those tracks?

I feel like it’s been our strongest release, and it feels like everyone agrees with that. We are half way through a new record right now, so we are cranking out new music. We will be playing debuting new tunes this tour, even some as new as last week.

What’s your song writing process typically like?

Most of the time I will do most of the writing. On the last album we kind of shared it, but on this next one I have been writing songs and bringing it to the guys where we bounce ideas around and work on it from there.

What’s your favorite song to play right now?

Hmm, I don’t know. It changes from week to week, but right now we have this new tune “Millvail” that was the first song written for the next album that is probably my favorite right now.

Can’t wait to hear the new music, thank you for taking some time to talk to me Karl, very excited to see you this weekend at The Ogden!

Thank you very much, see you at the show!


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