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Barcelona’s Sonar Spotlight: A Rare Plastikman Appearance


If Richie Hawtin is on the decks, it’s probably going to be an awesome time. The techno producer has developed a particular aesthetic that is as much a part of his art as the bass-heavy minimal he’s known for performing. ENTER. has become synonymous with the tech community along with the art community due to his brother Matthew’s work. I’m all about experiential music performance, and if that means you’re going to pour sake down my throat while spinning hours worth of trance-inducing tech-house, count me in chief.

However, this post isn’t about ENTER. It isn’t even really about Richie Hawtin. It’s about Plastikman.

Plastikman was one of Richie’s original monikers, and is now the reserve-brand of Mr. Hawtin. It’s the name he uses when he plays music at the Guggenheim for Christ’s sake…

I haven’t seen Plastikman billed anywhere in the US, and so Barcelona is in for a real treat when this goes down. While Hawtin, under his real name, is surely going to play in the 120bpm’s, I have no earthly clue what to expect when Plastikman hits the stage. Is he going to play 90s electronica? Acid techno? Unreleased music? One thing’s for sure, and that it will be some real trippy shit.

Don’t believe me? Give his album Closer a patient listen with the lights low and your head high…


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