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Beats Antique – The Social – Orlando, FL

Beats Antique, Mux Mool and Lynx held it down at an intimate, sold-out show in Orlando Friday.

Lynx got things started with some spectacular singing, drumming and beatboxing. Mux Mool’s glitch-hop style was a funky transition into Beats Antique. But when Sidecar Tommy, David Satori and the fabulous Zoe Jakes take the stage, their charismatic blend of world music and electronic beats satisfy all.

Jakes’ muse-like dancing was at its best. I’ve seen Beats Antique a good handful of times, but being this close to her, seeing every muscle in her belly twitch perfectly with the beat, was an incredible sight. The headlining tour meant more costumes and instruments from the trio. Zoe came out with a massive dress that expanded into the crowd. Satori played the trumpet on one of their first tracks.

The crowd was having a blast. Numerous ladies were dressed up like sexy belly dancers and it brought an amazing vibe into one of downtown Orlando’s greatest venues.

“Crooked Muse” brought out Lynx for some guest vocals and guitar playing. Equally important, it meant Jakes dressed up in a mermaid costume while flapping away at the crowd. They played a few songs from their new EP Contraption Vol. II. They played their remix (cover?) of Bassnectar’s “Voodoo”  as the last song in the regular set.

Sidecar and Satori swapped spots for a few tracks to demonstrate their musicianship. In classic fashion, the crew put on their animal heads and teased the ecstatic crowd during “Cat Skillz,” the band’s encore. The show went until 1:30 a.m., which is a rarity for live music shows in Orlando. It’s nice to have a crazy show go late in to the night.


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