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Beyond Wonderland 2013 Announces Lineup, Tickets and More


In San Bernardino, California, on March 16, Insomniac Events is throwing a very special party. Beyond Wonderland will celebrate its 4th year with a massive lineup, but not getting away from celebrating the ticket-buyers as the main attraction. Insomniac really does a wonderful job with making sure the festival-goers realize that they can bring just as much to an experience as a DJ. Well maybe not QUITE that much, but somewhere along those lines. I mean, I’ve definitely been drooling over a dime piece in a fairy and lost track of what the DJ was doing on his 900 or whatever. Sometimes you just can’t help it!

Tickets are only $65, which is realistically a steal when you look at what some of these other promoters are charging for weaker production, lackadaisical lineups and sub-par venues. Not gonna point fingers, but there IS a reason Insomniac has been so successful for nearly 20 years now! Through the 90s rise and fall and now another rise of electronic music, they have consistently been breaking boundaries and stretching the imagination to bring everybody the most unique experiences possible.

You can get more information on Beyond Wonderland’s official website

You can purchase tickets here


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