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Bonobo Closes North Borders Tour in NYC


Bonobo and his full, live band closed out the North Borders tour last night, with a beautiful show at the Central Park SummerStage in New York City. Performing with Bonobo and the band was singers Szjerdene, Andreya Triana and Brooklyn’s own Grey Reverend, who came out to perform a hauntingly beautiful acoustic rendition of “First Fires” right as the sun had set.


(Szjerdene & Simon Green/Bonobo)

The two + hour show featured all the favorites on the North Borders album along with the classics from Black Sand. After the set, the encore started with Simon Green thanking every member of his live band, members of the New York String Section that sat in with them and his lovely singers. Before Szjerdene came back out to perform Pieces, she asked the crowd to “make some noise for the guy that presses some buttons.” After “Pieces,” Andreya Triana came out to close the show with “Stay The Same.”

Personally, I had a lot of love riding on this show. I have been a fan of Bonobo for a  while now, and after a magical performance of Bonobo, Szjerdene and his live band at Bear Creek 2013, I did not think that could be topped. The vibe of the Suwannee is one thing, but the magic of New York City and the sweet rhythmic beats of Bonobo and THREE of the singers being with him is another, which helped tie both shows in the running of being put in the Phenomenal category of my musical rolodex.


(Members of the New York String Section performing with Bonobo + Live Band)


(Bonobo + Live Band and Andreya Triana)


(Bonobo + Live Band and Grey Reverend)


(I really do love Szjerdene…)


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