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Break Science & Chali 2na Interview | DubEra Exclusive

Break Science is a Pretty Lights Label electronic music duo from Brooklyn consisting of grammy nominated drummer / producer Adam Deitch (Lettuce, Pretty Lights, Redman, 50 Cent) and keyboard extraordinaire Borahm Lee (Kanye  West, Lauryn Hill, Matisyahu). Charlie 2na, of course, is a legendary MC best known for his roll in the group Jurassic 5. When they come together, it is known as the Break Science Sound System. DubEra sat down with the Break Science Sound System at Electric Forest to see what they had to say about  tour life, new releases, their favorite artists and more! If you are unfamiliar with the artists, you can check out their Facebook here and download their releases (FOR FREE) right here!

Be sure to catch Break Science at the Festival of Gnarnia on August 9-11.


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