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Budweiser’s Made In America Festival (Philadelphia, PA)


When Jay-Z took to announcing that he and Budweiser were collaborating on an early September music festival in Philadelphia last week, I don’t think anyone was too surprised. The music festival scene and culture is exploding this year and this is undeniable proof of that. Fortunately, you won’t get any sort of elitist crap on the DubEra blog, so let’s talk about why this is going to be an ill time for anyone who goes.

  1. Jay-Z

  2. Pearl Jam

  3. Skrillex

  4. Miike Snow

  5. Afrojack

  6. Calvin Harris

  7. Odd Future

  8. D’angelo

  9. Rick Ross

  10. Wale

  11. Passion Pit

  12. Santigold

  13. Dirty Projectors

  14. Janelle Monae

  15. Prince Royce

  16. Rita Ora

  17. Savoy

  18. The Knocks

Ummm… yeaaah. If ever there was a time I wish I lived in the city of Brotherly Love, it is this one. As if the Disco Biscuits announcing Bisco City wasn’t enough, now you guys have this too? I mean, Pearl Jam has been one of my all-time favorite bands since I was 13 or so and then you add a great list of EDM, indie and other rap artists to mash it all up. It is a fantastic variety that only the big bucks (Manweiser) could bring in. God Bless America.


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