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Concert Preview: GRiZ, Pegboard Nerds, and the Floozies Live in NYC

Rowdyness is guaran-damn-teed Friday night when GRiZ, Pegboard Nerds, and the Floozies hijack Terminal 5 and turn it into their musical playground. 

GRiZ, the DJ who wields a sax for an axe, has been wrecking stages across the country this fall while touring to promote his latest electro genre-blending, head-banging album, Rebel Era, and throwing in a raging Grizmatik show or two just to stay busy. Check the DubEra’s GRiZ interview to go a little more in depth with Grant on what he’s been up to:

Rebel Era was released on GRiZ’s new label, Liberated Music, which also just released The Floozies’ new funkified album “Tell Your Mother.” The Floozies also did their thing on GRiZ’s track “Simple,” adding a fresh live burst to the album. Would be dope to see a little jam go down..

Pegboard Nerds go hard with their upbeat and aggressive electro/dubstep sound. This Scandinavian duo is on the rise and making dance floors go mad with their crunchy beats. I’m looking forward hearing some massive tracks like “Self Destruct” and “Revenge of the Nerds” reverberate through Terminal 5’s three stories of sound haven.

Embrace the bass and get the funk down to Terminal 5 to catch one of the best shows to come through NYC this Fall.


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