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Concert Review: Massive Ideas Masquerade In Miami

This past Saturday evening Massive Ideas hosted a Masquerade party featuring Phutureprimative, Bird of Prey, Kalya Scintilla, Spankalicious, Afro Monk, and more! The Massive Ideas Masquerade truly lived up to its name as a massive way to launch this year’s Halloween festivities. A fusion of art, music and performance, the home of the Moksha Family Arts Collective – 7th Circuit Studios – proved to be a perfect venue to house the event. The discrete doors of the warehouse opened up to a portal of freaks, visionary art, masked creatures, and the low rumble of glitchy bass. Costumed stilt walkers lumbered through the crowd as fire performers lit up the dark stages and masked guests checked out the local art hanging on the walls.

The outdoor stage featured an elaborate VJ setup complete with projectors and lasers, and an array of local artists like Dusthead and Warp 9 pumped out everything from funk and glitch to trap and hip-hop. When you weren’t busy dodging masked guests in full costume, the typical Moksha set up offered a number of vendors selling handmade clothing, live glass-blowing, and of course the art installations – one of which was a giant blacklight mushroom you could crawl inside and stand up in.

The headliners for the evening were Cali-based artists Phutureprimitive and Bird of Prey, as well as the Australian temple-step artist Kalya Scintilla. After catching all three of these artists at Gratifly, we were stoked to experience them again in a more intimate setting. The temple-step, psychedelic bass music vibe is one that rarely graces Florida, so this was a truly special event. The sets were dripping and melting with melodic vocals, heavy basslines and some very funky undertones. Kalya Scintilla gave a special performance, layering his own throat-singing over his songs, and coming to the front of stage near the end of his set and performing a sort of meditative dance. Complete with costumed creatures, a unique lineup and a spooky venue, the Massive Ideas Masquerade was a perfect warm-up for the rest of Halloween week.

Full photo album from the event RIGHT HERE

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