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Counterpoint Countdown: Archnemesis (Review, Interview, Live Edit)

Archnemesis probably put out the best hip hop electro soul by anybody not on the Pretty Lights Label. Every Man For Himself is a great addition to their previous efforts, with soul and hip hop samples alike over fantastic, uptempo, glitchy, bassy beats.

The album starts with a jazzy introduction, which could either be a nod to their musical jazz background or the era of hip hop they are most inspired by. However that chill vibe is quickly overtaken with some bangin’ bass and vocal rap samples. The next 28 minutes will be a blistering soundscape of a couple dirty south bassheads wylin’ out on Ableton.

“Right On” has some bluesy sounding vocals over the grinding bass. The title track boasts an awesome Mobb Deep sample. I’m always super pumped when a producer throws a familiar rap voice in with their tunes in good taste. “Mohawk”, the EP’s finale, is a little more downtempo than the previous 5 tracks.

While the record doesn’t get too experimental, it is clear that Archnemesis has perfected their sound. I’d love to hear them experiment a little more in the future, but for now I guess it’s Every Man For Himself.

You can download the brand new album Every Man For Himself for free via Archnemesis’ official website.

We caught up with the duo at the Impulse Music & Arts Festival to chat about the newest project and captured some of the madness that ensued during the live show. Check it out below.


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