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Crazed Fan Jumps On Stage, Assaults Widespread Panic, but Jimmy Herring Keeps Shredding


“BEAT HIS ASS JB! BEAT HIS AASSSS!” These are the words of a Widespread Panic fan as the situation got racy last night at Phases of the Moon.

“This is my 170th Panic show and I’ve never seen that!” says one southern Gentleman.

“GET EM SCHOOLS!” says another (or maybe the same one).

The crazy asshole seemingly got a temper, jumped on stage, fought off the stage hands and at about the 30-second mark it looks like he made some contact with drummer Todd Nance.

Nance takes a little break after the incident, but JB and Herring trade some ambient guitar licks as the crowd of revved up Panic fans yell for the band to kick the dude’s ass.

The music never stopped. It’s a mad world my friends. A mad, mad world.


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