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DATSIK, Firepower Tour rolls through the Beacham

Photography / Writing by Pat Coe

Troy Beetles, a.k.a. DATSIK, rolled into Orlando last week to throw it down at the Beacham. He brought along with him the latest projection mapping vortex. That’s right folks, DATSIK had a gigantic wormhole sitting on stage. Beetles performed in the center of it all while insane projections spiraled, pulsed, and danced around him, creating some sort of futuristic black hole of bass.

And if visuals aren’t enough for you, throw in 50,000 watts of that nasty low-end. Packed into the long, narrow Beacham venue, these bad-ass subwoofers had my bones rattling into the next day. Two minutes in and my heart had realigned itself to the beat, while beers on the bar were jumping around as if dinosaurs were stomping on stage.

His set was completely chaotic, as always, containing the perfect blend of dubstep and hip hop classics. He bumped some of his own classics, some of his newer stuff, and a solid ten minutes of west coast hip hop. All of which went extremely well received by the crowd. Beetles had everyone singing along with the lyrics and breaking it down in sync with the overpowering bass all the way up to his final track: the classic, ‘Finally Moving,’ by Pretty Lights. But just to make sure the crowd left as rowdy as they came, he dropped some Flux Pavillion as an encore. As always, DATSIK put on an amazing show, leaving it all onstage, spiraling emphatically through the tornado surrounding him. The perfect combination of visuals, bass, and great music left attendees content as HTG Events put on yet another amazing show.


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