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Daze on the Green: A 4/20 Celebration!


This year was Colorado’s first year in celebrating a legal 4/20 holiday weekend. Though many events scattered the city of Denver, one stood out among the group.

Daze on the Green located at Sculpture Park, which features two 50-foot tall sculptures of dancers, supplied fans with top of the line musical acts, some of the best food trucks in Denver, and an comfortable atmosphere for all.

Other then the “Dancers” sculpture the park is based around, Sculpture Park was a beautiful venue for such a great weekend. Trees scattered throughout the park where attendees were allowed to bring their dogs, and behind you is the Denver skyline lighting up the night sky. Then as you are enjoying music throughout the day you are treated to marvelous Colorado sunsets painting pictures with vivid colors along the Rocky Mountains and bluebird sky.


Keeping everyone’s stomachs filled throughout the weekend were multiple of Denver’s best food trucks and vendors like Rocky Mountain Slices to Big Country BBQ. Lagunitas Brewing Company and Quixote’s True Blue provided some cool beverages to wash down that good grub. One vendor that specifically caught my eye was the Sonic Portal booth. After being lured into the portal by a lovley woman named Starfox, I was told to sit down with my eyes closed surrounded by gongs. (Large cymbals used in meditation as well as musical pieces) For the next 5 minutes I was thrown into a world of ambient sound and internal vibrations; to say the least it was a very cool experience.


And we can’t forget about the music! For three days musical acts from all over the country took to the to Daze’s two stages supplying such a variety of music that anyone would of found a way to get their toes tapping. Whether it was the Pink Floyd set from Disco Floyd, the Grateful Dead set from Shakedown Street, the relaxing vibes of Rastasaurus, the bluegrass from Mountain Standard Time, or the all out funk fests that were performances from Dumpstaphunk, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. It didn’t matter who you were, if you were at Daze on the Green, you were likely to end up getting down!

Daze on the Green was a blast! From the first notes played on Friday to the final chords laid down by Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe a good time was had by all. It didn’t matter if you were there for the music, the holiday, or even just the food; Daze on the Green gave me days I won’t forget.


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