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DeLuna Fest Countdown: PEARL JAM

At this year’s DeLuna Festival, the single most exciting set for this young writer is going to be Pearl Jam. I’ve had a long, personal connection with this band for nearly a decade and have yet to see them live. The beach, the crowd, the 2+ hour set will undoubtably be one of the greatest times of my year, no, life. Eddie Vedder and company might not be as lean or limber as they were in 1991 when they released Ten (the same year I was born). Eddie doesn’t climb 50 foot light rigs and I’m sure nobody in the band has crowd surfed since I started listening to them. However, aside from grungy clothing, the group hasn’t sacrificed much over the years. They still shred live and I am getting that feeling kids get as Christmas Approaches. I could concoct a full 24 hours of what I’d love to see Pearl Jam play this year at DeLuna Fest (it would consist of the complete Ten album twice…), but here are a few gems I really would love to hear this Friday.


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