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Dillon Francis, Clockwork, Baauer Wet & Reckless

Baauer, Clockwork and Dillon Francis brought The Wet and Reckless Tour through Orlando this past Thursday for a celebration of electronic music’s rising stars. A packed out Beacham Theatre was the setting for a 4-hour, bass-heavy party which showcased some of Mad Decent Records’ hotshots.

Baauer played to the steady stream of concert goers filing into the beat-filled room. Cloaked in an air-brushed white tee, this ghetto fab set was everything that encompasses new dubstep electronic music’s take on trap. His set was a proper mix of popular rap tunes in between the usual trap DJ selections by TNGHT and Flosstradamus. Perhaps the best reactions came when when he dropped his own tunes, such as “Harlem Shake” and his remix to Floss’ “Roll Up.”

Clockwork (and his alter ego RL Grime) were just added to the Holy Ship! line up alongside Justice, Major Lazer and Boys Noize, solidifying himself as not just one, but two DJs that people really care about. While Baauer ran the trap, Henry Steinway used electro-house to kick up the pace a little bit. The usual club-friendly tunes were played and with about 10 minutes left, he turned into RL Grime, playing Luminox’s “Rattle” remix and his own VIP remix to Kanye’s “Mercy.” The crowd could have handled a bit more, but he bowed off as a quick set-change began before Dillon Francis.

Dillon’s recent rise to stardom can be attributed to many factors. He has a natural charismatic likability about him and his personality flourishes in his hilarious tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram uploads. He likes cats, so girls like him. He bleached his hair to look like Flux Pavilion, isn’t that funny? But more than anything I think Dillon has his involvement in the ass-shaking moombahton explosion to thank for his popularity.

Dillon began and ended his set with the reggaeton-influenced EDM subgenre. His DJing kept things fresh and whenever the moombah got stale, he would spice it up. This happened when he dropped Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” amongst “Que Que” and “IDGAFOS.” He also dropped a “Bootleg Fireworks” bootleg by rising Orlando producer, White Trash. His encore consisted of an R. Kelly song and TNGHT’s “Higher Ground,” further displaying his versatility. Dillon sincerely thanked the crowd for their time and said that Orlando always treats him well. He’s been here a bunch of times in the last couple years and each show gets bigger. Who knows where Dillon will play next time he’s here.


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